We understand Indian conditions better than anyone else in the market, from products to effective techniques, we have professional training that distinguishes between boutique high-end detailling to commercial detailing services and product offerings considered some of the most comprehensive and trend setting in the detailing industry, we also offer professional detailing training at our Menza Performance Detailer Academy!

Professional detailers from all over India make the trip to our premises in Cochin, Kerala, Ohio to learn the best, & most responsible detailing and paint correction techniques available. We have had students attend from as far away as Delhi, Assam, Mumbai, Nagpur, Bangalore, Chennai.

So if you’re looking to have your vehicle detailed, why not bring it to the same place where professional detailers go to learn?! And if you’re a professional detailer wishing to take your skills and your business to the next level (or two), then attend the Menza Performance Detailer Academy!

Main Topics Covered:

Learning the latest and most effective paint polishing and compounding techniques
Introduction to a variety of polishes, and how to maximize their effectiveness
How to read and react to different paint types
Polishing for paint perfection
The responsibilities of paint preservation
The different levels of paint correction, and how to make them profitable
Introduction to coatings, coating maintenance, and product training for High-Performance Coatings.
We actively invite industry leaders to praticiapte with our students to show other techniques they can learn from.